Friday, May 14, 2010

Little Lillie

I cannot believe Lillie is already 4 months old! We went to Primary Children's Medical Outpatient clinic last week for what we found out was her last appointment there! She was born with an irregular heartbeat, and it was discovered she had PVC's (premature ventricular contractions). Basically, in Lamen's terms - she was having an extra heartbeat randomly here and there. The doctors were not too concerned, but wanted to make sure she grew out of them. She had to have an EKG the day after she was born, and two at PCMC in the past two months. She has also been through two echos. Not her favorite. Anyway, at her last appointment everything looked normal, and she has been declared perfectly normal and functioning. Definitely an answer to prayers. :)
Anyway, we went in for her 4-month well child visit and she checked out great!
Lillie is:
14.4 lbs - 69th percentile
24 inches long - 41st percentile
She loves to:
suck her thumb
shove her fist in her mouth
coo, and say what is starting to resemble "ma ma" -we're getting close ;)
Roll onto her sides
Get her brother in trouble by crying when he's bugging her.
We tried doing a photo shoot today with her, but Steven insisted it was his turn as well :)
The other night Darrell was reading to Lillie, and she was being so cute. She would look at the book and then smile at Darrell, and do that over and over again :)


Brittany said...

what a sweetheart! glad everything is okay. i want to kiss those cheeks!!!

Christie said...

She is SO dang cute! Her smile is stinking precious! I can't believe all that hair! One day, I'll have a child that has hair... someday!

Katelyn said...

I can't believe how behind I am. She is just the cutest little thing! I love her cheeks!

Tauna Hurd said...

She's adorable Janell.