Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Darrell!

The Big 27!!!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, who has so many wonderful qualities!!!
Here are 27 things you may or may not know about Darrell:
1. He loves being in the outdoors (Hiking, camping, etc.)
2. When he gets excited, he rubs his hands together and gets a big smile on his face
3. He looks forward to BYU Football season with much anticipation and joy
4. He is the best story-teller, and Steven prefers him to read him stories
5. When he was "interested" in me at Snow College, he walked around my apartment building twice before getting the nerve to knock on the door
6. He loves to study the Old Testament every morning
7. He is great at making sure we have family and couple prayers every single day
8. He loves to serve the Lord
9. He can make me laugh, even if he thinks his jokes are dumb
10. He thinks I'm beautiful, no matter what I look like
11. He loves being a daddy
12. He enjoys spending time in his garden, and it can cheer him up
13. When we first got the movie "Cars", he used to watch "Mater and the Ghostlight" when he was in a bad mood, and it would instantly cheer him up (It still always makes him laugh)
14. He is always very thoughtful
15. He loves to make trumpet noises and vocal percussion which Steven loves to imitate
16. He loves finance, and loves to learn about finance
17. Even though he is a practical person, after playing one for a weekend, he wants to get a Wii
18. He got so excited when we got our free surround sound system, he had to watch all the Harry Potter movies; which he did, and acted like a little kid at Christmas :)
19. He is a worthy Priesthood holder, and I'm so thankful he can give me a blessing at the drop of a hat
20. He is a quiet person, but once you get to know him, he can carry on a great conversation
21. Even though he never had been hunting before he met me, he was willing to go out and enjoy the deer hunt with my brothers the year we were married (he liked it, by the way)
22. He always makes sure to give me and steven both a hug and a kiss as soon as he gets home from work
23. The last year he went to Snow College he told people he wouldn't find a wife that year, because all the girls were too young. Low and behold, he met and married a first year Snow student :)
24. Even though he went to, graduated from, and supports the Aggies, in his heart you will find the words BYU COUGARS!
25. He doesn't love to grow his beard, but when he does, he can beat all his brothers and brother-in-laws in a growing contest
26. One of the things that attracted me to him was his love for children
27. He always seems to be humming, trumpeting, or vocalizing some happy song as he works.
Overall he's a great guy, and we love him!!!

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