Saturday, September 12, 2009

Birthday Boys!!

Well, until January, everyone that lives in our home has a September Birthday!! Hooray! Last week, with the opening of BYU football season, I decided that would be the perfect opportunity to throw my fantastic husband a birthday party! We were able to have lots of his family here with us, and we had a great time watching the game!We were very happy we saved the cake until after the game. Made the celebration more sweet! :) The cake was supposed to have goal posts...but they didn't work. Also, I couldn't find any candles except the one from Steven's birthday last BYU is now #1
Steven having fun with Aunt Melanie
Randomly...Steven discovered a love for corn on the cob this week
Then today we had a fun family picnic for Steven's birthday. We were able to have both of Steven's Grandpas and Grandpas, Great Grandpa and Great Grandma, and Aunt's Sheri and Melanie join us. It was a fun little get together before another wonderful BYU game! :)
(thanks to my friend Kristen for the fantastic cake idea)
Steven thought his cake was pretty cool
And of course, blowing out candles is the coolest thing ever
And cake is always delicious
Steven LOVES LOVES LOVES Cars, and was definitely not disappointed
Thanks to everyone for coming!! Darrell had a wonderful birthday, and Steven absolutely LOVES all of the things he got. He loves reading the books, he will love wearing clothes, and he loves cars!!


Christie said...

That looks like so much fun! How exciting! Those cakes are both so stinking adorable! I love it! Wanna come make Lily's first cake? hehe

K-Krew said...

Sounds like our house - September and January birthdays (ok, Thom is technically in Oct but it's the very beginning so they all blend together)

Cute cakes! I was debating between a car one or an Elmo one for Andrew this year.

BKYoung'uns said...

I am going to just assume that because you are now so close to this OTHER blue school you felt INCREDIBLE amounts of pressure to blatantly forget your Aggies... Come on--there's only one TRUE BLUE team. But I GUESS it's okay if you root for the Y during football season so you don't get mugged... Happy Birthday everyone!

The Busey Family said...

That BYU cake is so cute. You are so talented! Happy Birthday guys!

Amber said...


Jenny said...

Cute boy and cute cake!