Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just a fun post

This picture was actually taken about 5 days ago, so at 19 weeks, 5 days Last week we went to Farm Country for $2 Tuesdays at Thanksgiving Point. Here is Steven hangin' out in the kids jail After riding the horse wagon
After rearranging the bedroom, we found the old baby bathtub. Steven tried "kickin" at first, but then decided it was a boat.
Steven being mad
Love this kid's sleeping positions
Being cheesy :)
Here are some fun videos. As you can tell, Steven mostly thinks a camera is for pictures, not for videos :)


BKYoung'uns said...

Oh man! We are getting older & our kids are growing up way too fast! How was Thanksgiving Point? We've never been & wonder if Wes would like it?? How about Ben? Could it keep both my big boys occupied??

Jenny said...

Too cute! I love it! Ha ha ha!

Emily said...

Hooray for the BYU fight song! You've gotta start 'em young, right?

Cathy said...

That little Steven sure is a cutie!

Jake & April said...

Congrats on the Pregnancy. Girls are so much fun. We are expecting our second boy in Nov.

TheGrandys said...

Janelle! Congrats on your soon to be new addition! How exciting :) I love your niece, she is a doll, and such a good student!

Kimbooly said...

BK Young'Uns, wait until your baby starts 5th grade! Scary! (My oldest starts 5th grade next week!)

Janell, I've got you beat on looking pregnant, but this iiiiis my fourth. And, I'm also at least 22 weeks along. : )

But I'm still jealous you're having a girl.

Amanda said...

Look at you! Halfway through your pregnancy and you can hardly tell that you're carrying a baby :) Fun post!