Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hooray for weddings!

On Thursday, July 23, my cousin Benjamin got married, so we took the opporunity to join in the fun celebrations. Steven had a lot of fun with Uncle Brad while I was in the temple for the ceremony, and then we had some great fun the rest of the day!
Steven would smile for Grandpa, but not so much for me :)
It was such a hot day that we got Steven's hair wet and spiked it to help him cool down
Sheri and I with our cousin Abigail that we haven't seen in about 8 years. It was so much fun to see her family!
Abby's husband, Paul, is basically one of my favorite cousins. We just laugh all the time!
The reception was up Provo Canyon at a place called Conrad Ranch. It was beautiful! (and not to mention, the 20 degree difference from the valley was fabulous)
Darrell going for a walk with Steven and some of our nieces Paul and Hunter swingin' and talking
Lately, when trying to take Steven's picture, he gets this super cheesy look on his face, raises his eyebrows and goes "CHEEEEEESE!"
Abby and Steven - Cute little cousins going for a walk
Hannah, Nate, Abby and Steven on the swing


Katelyn said...

Such cute pictures Janell! Steven is so cute! I love the pictures of Steven and Steve. :)

Jenny said...

Oh my heck! I love Steven with spikey hair!

The Busey Family said...

Cute pictures. He is just growing right up. It happens oh to quick!