Tuesday, July 28, 2009

24th of July Fun

For the 24th, Steven and I headed down south to Cedar City with my sister so that we could be closer to Enterprise for a family reunion on Saturday. We had a love of fun with my parents, and my brothers and their families that live down there. We had a barbecue, went and hit some softballs, and Steven had a blast playing at Hayley's house!
Playing on the slide. He would run away really fast if Hayley came climbing up the other side. Wish I could've gotten a picture! Playing on the bike ("CHEEEEESE") He wasn't so fond of the sparklers. He's more of a pop-it, and "BOOM BOOM" firework type of guy
Watching the fireworks with Hayley and Grandma and Grandpa
Watching fireworks with Sheri and Justin

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Jenny said...

Great pictures. It sure was fun!