Tuesday, July 07, 2009

4th of July Fun!

We had a fun filled weekend on the 4th, of course spent in Richfield! There is no 4th of July like a Richfield 4th of July. It's all about tradition, family, friends, and good times. We had fun doing the festivities over the weekend which started off with the Kids Parade. Steven loved being able to ride in the wagon pulled by his cousin!The cute Rowley kids ready to show off their stuff! Steven LOVED his flag that he would wave like crazy
Then we went and participated in the good ol' Diaper Derby. Steven got to do the toy pull, since he was in the oldest age division
Getting ready for the Big Parade on the 4th
At the park, the Home Depot had this awesome booth that little kids could do crafts for FREE! Steven got an awesome apron, along with all his cousins, and he thought he was pretty awesome stuff. (which of course, he was)
About a week before the 4th, I randomly woke up one morning and said, I want to make a star shaped cake for the 4th...so here was my attempt. My sis-in-law made the awesome firecracker pretzels
Steven loved the fireworks and would say "Bang Bang!" or "pop pop" depending on how loud they were. Here he is throwing snappers while waiting for it to get dark
We decided to bring Steven's Home Depot craft home, and he got to put it together with Daddy for FHE.
The Race Track in it's finished stages. Steven loves it!
Steven also won a goldfish at the park. It's fun to see him have his very first pet, whom we have lovingly named "Fishy." Steven helps me feed Fishy every morning, and will knock on the bowl, which makes the fish swim around like crazy. He loves it!


Jenny said...

It was so fun to see you guys! Steven looks cute in all those pics!

Sarah K said...

I love the one with him in the Home Depot apron. Just like a little man.
Lucy made a planter at Home Depot and won a prize to boot!

Sarah K said...

Oh and your star cake looks yummy - I like the chocolate-covered pretzels, nice touch!

The Hessey's said...

Love his face in the last picture. He looks so protective of fishy :) He's getting so big!
Glad you had a good 4th of July!!!

The Busey Family said...

Cute pictures. I am glad you got to go home for the 4th. I will be there for the 24th. I miss it a lot. I like the cake too...way cute!

The Colemans :) said...

Cute pics!! lol we have the same race track!! too bad we didnt get to see you guys!!

Fowler Family Blog said...

so hopefully you don't think I am a total creap. I am a Friend of Mark and Sabrina and I also know Darrell from Snow, I lived in Mt View. I just want to say hello and see how you guys are doing! You will have to tell Darrell Hello for me. It has been a long time! You little family is adorable.
He should know me as Collette Cable. Anyway sorry if I creaped you out! I have a blog also, abcfowler.blogspot.com

Fowler Family Blog said...

Hey Janell,

I was hoping you would remember me, I think I met you at Ruth and Garretts reception, at the time I was engaged to someone else. Anyway I am glad to hear from you, Where are you living, we live in Taylorsville, if you are close we should do a play date or something. My little girl is 14 months and so fun. I see you are pregnant when are you due? Anyway talk to you soon and tell Darrell hi for me!

Cathy said...

Janell, I love the cake! I'm going to have to copy you. Steven is too cute in that little Home Depot apron. I want one for Danny. Cute stuff!

Christie said...

It was SO SO SO fabulous to see you yesterday! I think you're wonderful and I really wish we lived closer! Congrats on the big news! I'm so excited for you!

bryceandjamie said...

Cute pics! I saw a baby ticker on your blog!! Congrats! I think it's a girl :)

Jensen Family said...

What a great name for a fish! Glad you had a great holiday :)