Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Birthday Party!!

On Saturday, the 6th, we had a birthday party for Steven!! We first set out to the zoo with the grand-parents for fun in the sun! Steven loved the ducks. We were glad we went there first before everything else.The white alligator...looked fake...although it did move its arm
In front of two elephants, we weren't sure where the third one was... (read on KSL Today that the third elephant at the zoo died today. sniffle)
Steven loved the zoo!
After the bird show with the bald eagle. (My facial expression looks retarded, but it's still a cool picture)
Getting ready to ride the Zoofari Express!
After the zoo, we had a picnic/barbecue with our families. It was super windy...that's what this picture is depicting :)And my cute decorations
This is the cake I made for Steven. He loves duckies. The white is supposed to be bubbles like in a bubble bath...
This is the cake I made for everyone else. :) Thank you to my mom for saving the frosting. I felt pretty proud of myself for my cake skills.
At first, Steven wasn't sure what to think of cake
He just kind of touched the frosting...
Once I cut him his own little piece, he decided to give it a try
making sure he got all the stuff off his hands. yum!
Here's a little clip for ya...he was super tired by this point in the day, but it was still very cute!


Katelyn said...

Cute cakes Janell! You're awesome!

Christie said...

Those are some super cute pictures! He looks like he really enjoyed that cake! It's awesome!

Jenny said...

Yay for parties! Looks like fun. I am SO sorry we couldn't make it. If we lived closer we TOTALLY would have been there.

Trent Megan and Kids said...

Same for us on the living closer part! Happy Bday Steven!! Hope it was a fun party. Is he crawling yet.

Leslie Butler said...

What a fun day! You did such a cute job with his cake. Isn't is crazy how fast time flies?!

Rachel and Brian said...

wow! what a fun birthday you guys had fun it looks like!