Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jumpin Jumpin

It's been fun having the Johnny Jump-Up Around. It has been entertaining Steven while I've been unpacking and cleaning. Next time I get around the internet, I'll try to have pictures of the new apartment. Let's just say it wasn't cleaned before we moved in, so I've been doing that as well as unpacking. Hopefully someday soon we'll have pictures!


Daniel & Jenny said...

Cute! Love the videos. And I love all the new posts! Steven is adorable!

Chris & Jennie said...

Hi Janell - this is Jennie Larsen (Jeff Peterson's older sister!) This is so random, but I stumbled across your blog and realized that your husband was my next door neighbor at Snow College while living in Snow Gardens. How ironic! That's too funny; small world! You're little familiy looks really cute.