Friday, May 23, 2008

I's Sad.

So, tomorrow, Saturday, we are moving. I'm quite sad, because I'm in love with my trailer, I love my ward, and I love having friends and family close by. Just hanging out at Trent and Megan's house the other night made me so sad, but also happy to know that I was able to get to know them so much better while we've been up here. The friends I'm going to miss are too numerable to mention!
So, folks, this may be my last post for a while, cause we don't know when we'll have the internet again. However, with the hope of me doing internet classes come fall, we may get it before September! Wahoo!! So, adios amigos, I love you! And look forward to adventures from the Lehi Croppers!


Brittany said...

good luck!! and we hope you get the internet SOON!

JaMiEj said...

Aww.. Sorry Nello. Once you do get internet tho, be sure to show us some pictures of the new place! Love ya!

R & B said...

Janell thanks for all the fun times! We will still see you guys though on our way through sometime... hope things are well with your new place!

Daniel & Jenny said...

No! You have to blog! How else will I know what's going on?

I hope the move went well. Now that you live a little closer, I might be able to see you more!