Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tag from Brittany

  • 10 Years Ago....I was 11 and 1/2. (Today is my half birthday :)) I was in the fifth grade, and going to Pahvant Elementary School. I used to ride my bike to school, and sometimes rollar blade. I would go home for lunch with Tauna and Tawnee
  • Snacks I enjoy...Cottage cheese with pears; flour tortillas with cream cheese, ham, and mustard; popcorm
  • 5 things on my list...1. get things finalized for RS Birthday Party 2. Prepare Relief Society lesson for Sunday 3. get things we need for Darrell's brothers wedding 4. Get all the stuff for our trip to California! and 5. Give Steven a bath
  • What I would do if I became a billionaire....go on a cruise with my husband; go to Italy with Sheri; see London, Philadelphia, and Boston; invest some, put some in savings, buy a grand piano
  • 3 bad habits...1. Sleeping In; 2. Being Lazy; 3. Procratinating Homework
  • Places I've lived...-Richfield-Ephraim-Logan
  • Jobs I've hand....paper girl, ideal dairy, lifeguard, janitor, computer lab assistant, scrapbook store employee, mommy
  • People don't know about me.....I have tons of stretch marks covering my stomache that make me look like a tiger

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Trent Megan and Kids said...

I have a tiger on my tummy too!