Sunday, March 16, 2008

Loves His Dad!

From piggy back rides to hut building, there is no doubt that Dad is excited that Steven is growing up!

This has been Steven's new favorite word. He sure has fun! :)



launi said...

that is too cute! sweet little steven. :) alex drives me nuts ritght now because when he's happy he says "da da da da!" but when he's upset he yells "maaaaaaaaam!" :)

Our Crazy Life said...

He is such a cute baby! Hope you don't mind, I've been checking up on your blog, don't worry I won't count this as a visit :)

Christie said...

awwwww that's cute! Dad... awwww for real!

Necia and Joe Shumway said...

ha ha that video is the cutest thing! I laughed. ADORABLE