Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Little Bit of Potpourri

It's been a busy, fun week around here. Well, the weekend anyway (Starting with Thursday).
I love going to Bunko once a month, and the December Bunko is definitely one of our most fabulous. We do a large fondue bar with chocolate, caramel, and cheese fondues. It's something that cannot be missed, and I'm glad I've been able to now attend 2 of these fabulous functions. :)
I'd like to introduce two of my new best friends. For fun, let's call them the tru-pull twins. They are the most fabulous knee braces in the world. But hey, they should be because I had a to pay a pretty penny for them. I actually got just one before my 10K in October due to pain and aching I was having in my knee. After a visit to the physical therapist, I found out I have tilted knee caps. These braces basically just hold my knee cap in proper alignment. After trying one, I was hooked. So I bought another. Good buy. Also, they allow me to still be active and hopefully will prevent the need for surgery in the future.
Yesterday I spent hours with some great ladies in my neighborhood learning how to make chocolates and fondant candy. I won't tell you how many hours we spent working on these lovely things, but it was LOT! :) They are absolutely amazing though, and we made over 200 chocolates. These are some that I got to bring home. YUM!
And tonight I went to Ballet West's "The Nutcracker" up at the Capital Theatre in Salt Lake with my good friend, Meredith. We hope to send our husbands out to something fun like a BYU basketball game to tell them thanks for staying home with the kids. :)
It was such a fun night, and I'm so grateful I was able to go with someone who appreciated it as much as me. Thanks again Meredith! I wasn't lying when I said I may have to make this a tradition. :)


elise @ elise's pieces said...

Those chocolates look divine, the fondue party sounds amazing, and I LOVE the Nutcracker! What a fun week!

Petrice and Caleb Rose said...

How fun to go to the Ballet (and the fondue bar definitely had me drooling!). What a fun weekend :D

LaraLee Lovesee said...

I want to go to the Nutcracker! that looks like so much fun. And i'm happy the braces work out for you, i had one once and i hated it! ha

Rachel said...

tilted knee caps huh? no fun, I am glad it won't stop you for too long though!
I am glad you got to go this year to the nutcracker, I went with Lisa and we had a great time! what a great performance this year huh?

debra said...

By tilted knee caps, do you mean Patello-femoral syndrome? That's what I have. I need to get me some of those braces so I can run again.