Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Hogle Zoo

Last Saturday we headed up to Salt Lake to go to the Zoo with our good friends, The Fisher’s.  They brought some fun friends and family with them too, and it was a lovely event.  All week I was telling Steven we were going to the zoo on Saturday, and he kept saying “I don’t wanna go to the zoo!”  Then I told him mommy, daddy, and Lillie were going to the zoo, and he replied “I wanna stay in the car.”  Much to his dismay, we made him go to the zoo anyway.  And yet, he absolutely LOVED it!  We weren’t surprised that he kept begging to go back to the zoo while we were driving home.


Feeding the ducksDSCF4949

Being turtles  DSCF4951 DSCF4953

Three little monkeys sitting on a rock DSCF4956

Zuri, the cute baby elephant.  This is what Steven said was his favorite thing at the zoo


Checking out the penguins and giraffesDSCF4963 DSCF4967


The Carousel.  Steven rode a Praying mantis, then got pictures with other animals as well.   DSCF4973  DSCF4980 DSCF4981

Christie practicing her parade wave :)DSCF4975

How Steven measures up with those gorillasDSCF4986

I told everyone to act like animals.  This may be one of the only pictures I have of Todd actually smiling normally……


Steven loved the train too DSCF4989 DSCF4990 DSCF4991

Thanks Christie!! It was so fun to see you!!DSCF4993


And here are some cute ones to throw in of my kids playing after we got home from the zoo :)

 DSCF4994 DSCF4996


Kimbooly said...

love it!

Christie said...

It was SO good to see you! I'm totally stealing that picture of us from you... I love your kids! I just wanted to pinch Lillie's chub all day! :)

Brittany said...

how fun!

and look at you skinny minnie! you look great!

Andrew said...

What a fun day with fun people and a cute family!