Tuesday, July 06, 2010

4th of July!!

I absolutely love the 4th of July, and yes, the Richfield 4th of July is one of my favorite celebrations.   I am pretty sure Darrell has winced inside his brain because they’re not that exciting to him, but he loves me, and always tags along for the fun!!  This year, we headed down on Friday night and were there until Monday with the 4th being a Sunday.  We got to spend time with most of my family (minus the fabulous ones who were taking care of newborn twins in St. George) and it was so fun!  We also were able to squeeze in visiting a few people and attending my 5 year class reunion (yes, I am young) as well.  Also, I was able to run the Liberty 5K with one of my best friends, Kacey Chidester.  Technically, I only ran half of it with her. At about the half way mark, I had an extreme pain in my rib, so I had to walk for about 45 seconds. (I’m guessing here, cause that’s how much faster she completed the race than me. Haha)

Here is a little glimpse into our weekend..

This is the best picture we got in my desire for the family photo this weekend. I love having a toddler :)


Sunday night we did sparklers and a few fireworks with the kids, since a lot of us had to leave Monday before the city fireworks.  Steven was a little unsure of the sparkler at first, but then thought it was pretty cool. DSCF4878

I saw this fantastic idea on one of my friend’s blogs last year, and had to try it with my neieces and nephews.  They now officially think I have the coolest camera in the world :)

DSCF4886 (this one is supposed to say Trent)DSCF4893 DSCF4895 Steven watching fireworks with grandpaDSCF4906The annual “line of candy-waiters” at the parade Monday morning.

 DSCF4907 Steven got a balloon sword and hat. He called the hat his turtle :)  DSCF4909 And I got to make yummy desserts for our barbeque, so here are the lovely pictures. Fruit Pizza and Rice Krispies!! Woot! DSCF4912 DSCF4913


Brittany said...

i've always wanted to make that fruit flag thing. love it!

Steve Weller said...

Our traditional spot for the parade is right in front of one of the car dealerships, close to the park. The last two years there's been a truck with a tarp in the back converted into a swimming pool. That's got to be the best way to watch a parade!

Jenny said...

Fun! I'm sad we missed it!

I think your family pic is great!

The Hessey's said...

I love the rice krispie treats shaped like stars. Mine are always square. Boring.
Great "2010" picture! We got ours this year, too! :) It's such a process to get each of the kids to get their numbers looking decent all in the same picture...Aaron said "ok, lets hurry and do a 2011 one so we don't have to do this next year" haha. Aww, the memories :)