Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas #2 - Rowley Family Style

The Rowley's had their annual Christmas shin-dig on Friday and Saturday after Christmas this year. It was fun to have everyone together! I think there are 34 of us now, so it was kind of exciting!
Here is the cute little Hayley in the very popular reindeer antlers and nose Steven playing with Hayley on the tramp Playing with Nate's "o-ball"
This year for the first time, we had the grandkids act out the Nativity. They did a GREAT job :)
Mary, Joseph and their awesome donkey
The angels singing to the shepherds and their sheep
The donkey listening intently :)
Our three Wise Guys :)
Here is one of the adorable angel costumes
Mary, a Shepherd, and a Wise Man
Jeff, Nate, and I doing crazy faces :)
Steven playing with his new toy from his cousin
air soft guns seemed to be the big hit present this year with all the nephews
Darrell's Christmas gift :) It wasn't really a gun. There was a shirt in the gun box. My brother had fun wrapping it though!

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