Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wicked, awesome!

In the words of one of the songs from "Wicked," Elphaba and Galinda both sing "Don't wish, don't start, wishing only wounds the heart." Well, that's how I live a lot of my life...however, I'm glad seeing "Wicked" wasn't a dream I let die! Times Square, as we were walking down Broadway. The Gershwin Theater....named after my favorite composer..George Gershwin! Here we are at the Gershwin Theater getting ready to go see Wicked..which was pretty much totally awesome!


The Fishers said...

WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The greatest thing in the world! Well other than the gosple

Janell R. Cropper said...

So...I've now got Darrell intrigued about "Wicked." He listened to the Soundtrack, and he thinks it sounds like a good musical. It's just wicked! I mean, awesome!

Miranda W. said...

I went just days after you did! Oh man I wish I could've seen you and Kate!