Tuesday, August 26, 2014

1st Grade!

Steven's been having fun pulling out teeth this summer and getting ready for 1st Grade!  He said he was nervous to start, but after a fathers blessing the night before, he was excited! He woke up early on the first day so his dad could help him pack his lunch, and he wanted to go early to school to play on the playground. I cried a lot after dropping him off on the first day, even more than Kindergarten.  (I blame pregnancy hormones.....)For some reason Kindergarten didn't phase me, but 1st grade is so real!  :) He absolutely loves school!  I made him stay home from school yesterday because he had been throwing up, and he got really mad at me for it.  Hopefully his enthusiasm sticks! :)  

End of summer backyard barbecue

 He just made me take this picture because he got a new Sunday outfit. (For some reason he keeps getting taller)

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Brittany DeFreese said...

pregnancy hormones?? are you preg?!?

And yay, Stephen!! He's so big!