Sunday, November 13, 2011

So many things!

Recently our laptop gave up the ghost. We knew it was getting close, but when our kids decided to use it as a jump board one day while I was in the shower it really gave up the ghost. Luckily, we had gotten everything off that we wanted, so now we just sit and wait for the right deal to come along. My sister is fantastic, and has let us take her old laptop on loan until we get a new one, but that has made it hard for me to post all the fabulous pictures that I would just love to be blogging!
As for us, in the past month and a half:
- We had a delightful Halloween
- Darrell switched positions at work - back to underwriting and funding. Glorious day!
- Steven has been excelling in joy school, and is starting to pick up fundamentals of reading
- Lillie's vocabulary is starting to explode, and she is starting to communicate phrases. I love this time of life. It's great how even the most simple words sound so cute from her. We found an old video of Steven saying a bunch of words at about 2 years old, and her voice and words sound so similar to his! He thinks those videos are absolutely hilarious. I really hope to get her on camera one of these days saying "applesauce" ""Awesome!" Hey Baby!" "Sparkle Toes" "What's up" Or "There it is!" Just so I can remember how cute it was.
- I impulsively cut 12 inches of my hair off to donate! I was in need of a new change, and it really seemed to be just what I needed!
- Enjoyed many trips to Thanksgiving Point
- Froze through a BYU vs. Idaho football game, but it was worth it for Steven and Lillie to have a half sleep over at Aunt Sheri's :)
Things I'm looking forward to!
-Holiday Boutiques
-Meeting my dear friend's sweet new baby who is due in 3 and a half weeks
-Christmas Season
-Going to the Nutcracker
-Lots of Hot Chocolate
As for my thoughts tonight, I have had so many thought swirling in my mind about so many different things that I sometimes have felt overwhelmed. On top of that, Satan has been really mean lately and has made me feel like I'm not very good and that I don't fit in anywhere. He keeps trying to get me to compare myself to all the other amazing ladies around me so that I am not happy. Ug. Talk about frustrating. Friday night after pounding away at the piano for a half hour, I felt a little better and I got some of the motivation I needed to get out of this rut.
Today I was reading in the November Ensign preparing to go visiting teaching, and I was reading "The Privilege of Prayer" by Elder J. Devn Cornish of the Quorum of the Seventy. His talk really was what I needed to read tonight. The quote that really just hit me, and made me just burst into tears the moment I read it was this:
"In His mercy, the God of heaven, the Creator and Ruler of all things everywhere, had heard a prayer about a very minor thing. One might well ask why He would concern Himself with something so small. I am led to believe that our Heavenly Father loves us so much that the things that are important to us become important to Him, just because He loves us. How much more would He want to help us with the big things that we ask, which are right (see 3 Nephi 18:20)?
Little children, young people, and adults alike, please believe how very much your loving Heavenly Father wants to bless you. But because He will not infringe upon our agency, we must ask for His help. This is generally done through prayer. Prayer is one of the most precious gifts of God to man."
The biggest part of this that stuck out to me was the though "Our Heavenly Father loves us so much that the things that are important to us become important to Him, just because He loves us!(Emphasis added)"
Heavenly Father doesn't care if our cares are small, large, weird, crazy, or even dumb. He cares that we want to tell him about it because He loves us! He WANTS us to tell Him about us, so that we can feel His love. Feel His understanding. Feel that we are important. That's one thing I realized I really feel the Brethren wanted us to know this Conference. Heavenly Father loves us so much that He wants us to gain a better relationship with Him.
So, to cap off my ramblings, I got my answer. The thing I need to do to settle my being overwhelmed and my feelings of lack of self-worth is to improve my relationship with Him. And I sure hope that I can do that!


*Lauren* said...

Good Job :) You're not alone

Misty said...

This is a great quote, one everyone needs to read. I'm glad you found what you were looking for. You're a great person Janell! I'm glad to know you.

Tiffany said...

How inspiring. I also struggle in similar ways and your quotes and thoughts are great reminders of truths that I needed to hear. Thank you.

The Grandys said...

Hey! Great post... my friends and I just drove down to a time out for women in Kansas City and it was awesome! SO similar to the same thoughts you've expressed here :) Anyway glad to see everything is going well! Your kids are darling!

Rachel said...

in the words of a popular cartoon these days... "I know that you can do it!!"
your thoughts are important to me and I love that you can know what you need and know how to go about it. I have faith in you!