Sunday, July 31, 2011

Date With the Hubband

Since we stayed overnight in Richfield after the 4th, we decided to take advantage of my parents being able to watch the kids and headed off for a day to Capital Reef National Park which is just a little over an hour away from their house.  We had a picnic, did some sight-seeing, and did a lovely hike up to Hickman’s Bridge.  We apparently made it out in time too, since there were some awesome thunderstorms that arrived just as we were leaving the park.   Lovely day for us though!!! Love being able to spend some time with my husband without any worried, or screaming children. LOVE HIM!!!!

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Christie said...

I LOVE Capitol Reef! I think it will always hold a soft spot in my heart because that's where my parents worked and I spent a lot of time down there growing up! A lovely date! LUCKY!

gabegen said...

what a cool and fun date idea. gabe and i have a bucket list to help us break out of our usual but fun/relaxing movie night :)