Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Steven!!!


I cannot believe Steven turned 3 years old on Friday!! He has definitely been looking forward to it being his birthday, and just kept asking me “Is today my birthday?”  It proved to be a fabulous day!

Some random and fun things about Steven:

  • He loves to sing and dance around the house constantly
  • He just told me his favorite song is “I am a Child of God”
  • Lately, in his singing and dancing, every song ends in “On we go to vanquish the foe for Alma Mater’s sons and daughters” (Part of the BYU fight song)
  • He can almost sing the entire BYU fight song by himself when he wants to
  • After taking him to his 15-year old cousins football game, he likes to watch imaginary football games where he sits and cheers “GO JEFF” all the time
  • He absolutely loves cereal, particularly Raisin Bran and Life
  • He is obsessed with cars, trains, and taking toys away from his sister
  • Despite always taking toys away, he loves to play with his little sister
  • He absolutely loves WordWorld (PBS kids show)
  • After watching any show in the morning, the rest of the day is usually spent re-enacting the entire cartoon.  We’ve gone elephant hunting, saved Rocket from Little Einsteins and built plenty of words this week
  • He thinks it’s funny to ask you where our food is when we’re done eating.  When you say, “Where did it go?” and he chuckles and says, “It’s in your belly!”
  • He has a little stick with a ball on it, and when he finds it, it becomes a baton and he begins directing the alphabet
  • Every day when Darrell gets home from work, Steven runs to him and says, “How was work, dad?” It’s definitely cute
  • When Darrell has to work late, and Steven has to go to bed, he gets concerned about his daddy, and says, “Daddy’s tired. He needs his blanket, pillow, and bed to go to sleep at work.” I assure him that Daddy gets to come home and sleep

We love you Steven! Thanks for making life exciting. You’re such a wonderful kid!!

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Brittany said...

omg he's so cute.