Monday, April 12, 2010

Thoughts for the day...

On this beautiful sunny morning, I decided to try and actually get up, and be spiritually productive before my cute kiddos woke up. My thoughts directed me to my "church journal" from my first year in college. I want to just list a few of my favorite "thoughts" that I wrote down throughout that year
  • "Are we more concerned about the building or the tree?" - 9/26/05
  • '"Our bodies give us an automatic advantage over the advosary'" - Joseph Smith 10/05/05
  • "Don't be too focused to the point that we can't see the good that is still here on the earth" - 10/12/05
  • "Forgiveness is not to show that you're a good person. It is to bring peace to your heart."
  • 10/26/05
  • "It is wholesome and proper to look at things and have them be symbolic of Christ." 11/07/05
  • "What would I be willing to give up now to receive the effects of Redemption?" 01/05/06
  • "If you truly humble yourself, God will bless you and you shall be able to endure to the end." 01/17/06
  • "Repentecne isn't something you can stop by Wal-Mart and pick up when you need it. It requires a complete change of heart and help from our Savior, Jesus Christ." 01/19/06
  • "We must come to know Christ now, so when He shows himself unto us we can know to fall at His feet." 02/23/06
  • "By following Christ's constant teaching, we can be informed of laws that will help us now in our day." 02/28/06
  • "God allows the advosary to tempt, so that we might gain strength in Christ to destroy the advosary." - 03/16/06
  • "Joseph Smith was able to love because he knew Christ. No matter what happened, he still loved. He didn't harbor hard feelings toward those whom persecuted him." 03/28/06

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Kimbooly said...

I know I'm late in looking at your blog, but I've enjoyed all your posts, and I'm sorry about Lillie breaking her leg. I'm sure it also broke your heart!

Thank you for these spiritual quotes and comments. They are good to read, and uplifted me. : )