Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just a hangin' out

We were having fun with the little man the other night dressing him up in Daddy's coat. Obviously the dressing up fun isn't just for infants ;) Of course....little gloves are cooler than daddy's This morning Steven discovered one of the baby swings. He's been having a LOT of fun playing in it all morning.
When I tried to explain to him that the swing was for baby sister, he went and grabbed his baby, and pretended to fall asleep with the baby in the swing. As you can tell, he thinks he's pretty funny :)
Also, I noticed my count down has 23 days left. Kind of crazy! Nothing too exciting has been happening. I've had quite a few braxton-hicks contractions this week, but I can definitely tell they are not real contractions by any means. We are going to talk to a doula this weekend about massage techniques to help make laboring easier before we go to the hospital. I'm definitely excited.
Also, I've been considering taking my blog private....not sure if it will happen or not, but stay posted!


Keith and Stacy said...

Wow it's getting so close!!! He's such a cute little boy!

Brittany said...

steven is so funny. and i can't believe you're almost 37 weeks!!! can't wait to see little girl cropper :)

Kimbooly said...

Don't take it private! Then it doesn't show up at the top of my blog list when you've got a new post, and I'm so ADD I never remember to read the 3 blogs from friends who's blogs are private.