Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I love the olympics!

So, the summer olympics are better than the superbowl for me. I'm sure a lot of it comes from my swimming days (way back when). But I have enjoyed gymnastics as well. Ah, I love the games!
It was great watching the women's gymnastics last night. I wanted to give Alecia (middle girl) a great bit hug after the night was over.Michael Phelps is basically amazing. He's not super attractive, but the way he swims the butterfly is absolutely incredible. And he does everything else great too! Go. U.S.A.!!


Katelyn Mason said...

Actually I think he is pretty atractive, but he would be better looking if he got braces. hehe. :)

The swimming and gymnastics are my favorites too.

Christie said...

I have been GLUED to the TV with the olympics on. I have loved watching it and have had a blast cheering for the US. I totally know what you mean about Alecia, she was struggling so much! Poor girl! Yeah I'm not all that woo hoo about Michael's looks either. Todd was watching and was like... HE HAS TEETH LIKE ME! lol Todd needs braces too... one day!

Amy said...

You are so hilarious. I like the link to my blog. I'll make sure that every other Amy knows that I take gold in the race for all Amy's. Oh and I guess I should comment on this blog since I'm leaving this message in it's comment box..... Go USA!

Chris, Danielle, and Hannah said...

I love the olympics too! In fact we're addicted- it's certainly a problem especially with classes starting. But I think once every fours years we can splurge! My favorite- swimming and running! Go USA!