Sunday, February 03, 2008

Fun Weekend for us!

This weekend we went down to Santaquin for my nephew, Tyler's, baptism, and his little sister, Abby's, blessing. It was pretty fun. I was rather bummed that Steven seemed to hate practically everyone except darrell and I...but he did okay. This is Hannah. She's wearing Steven's winter hat..pretty cute though :) As you can tell from the background, my brother Brian likes to have his picture taken as well :) Steven with his cousin, Jackson. My adorble nieces, Karen and Ellie. These two have been the co-presidents of my fan club since my wedding, cause I wore a princess dress. Makenzie is a doll as well. She's just so cute and creative about life. I sure love her! Aunt Jenny and Steven :) Playing with Grandma Rowley and the rattle. My cheesy brother, Daniel, and his cute daughter, Hayley My grandma and grandpa farnsworth with abby. All the Rowley Grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa Farnsworth. Steven was NOT happy. :)

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Daniel & Jenny said...

This weekend was fun! We need to get together again before Disneyland! Are we going to do Easter in Richfield???